The challenge of Tiktok to comb the hair chinese


If you’ve spent hours in Tik Tok -although do not upload any video – surely you have seen the Curly Hair Check. This is a challenge with more than 200 million views that shows how is the life with the curly hair.

Some people teach how easy it is to tangle a comb in the hair -yes, as in the scene where they transform Mia Thermopolis – and other accounts reveal how to comb your hair chinese from scratch. Today we will focus on this last section of videos, as we discovered several techniques that work even for hair that is slightly wavy. Try your favorite!

Technique 1: comb the hair chinese with two steps

How little time or budget? Give a chance to this procedure. After having taken a shower, dry the hair with towel and brush it with care. Next, divide your hair by sections, apply a leave in conditioner and finishes with a cream to comb with movements crunchy.


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Technique 2: comb the hair chinese with 3 steps

On the hair wet, put conditioner in leave in. Then, use a cream to comb curls and ends up drying with a diffuser. It is the most common technique that you will see Tik Tok! If you think that it is very simple, upload a level with these ideas for styling hair chinese.