The fun and accomplice challenge in a couple of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Thanks to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, that you do not lose a challenge viral, many knew of the existence of a challenge intended for couples that has become very popular in the app TikTok and that is to respond to questions more or less intimate and pointed to the one that most closely matches your answers.

And the latest to sign up have been Joe Jonas and Sophie Turnerthat in their participation have been agreed on that the actress is the one that gets angry more when he’s hungry and is the most pampered. Yes, the two stars differed in who fell in love with first, and each one is noted to himself.

A few days ago, the couple gave more details on how they are approaching the quarantine in the late night Conan O’brien. Turner –who has not been confirmed yet, the rumors about her supposed pregnancy– claims to be taking all possible precautions before the epidemic of the coronavirus and only comes out to the street once a day to walk your dog.

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In addition to claims to be taking the isolation a lot better than her husband. “I am an introverted person and very homely. If I could stay at home all day, what would you doso this situation is perfect for me. I understand why it is proving hard for other people, but I don’t understand why it costs so much to comply with the rules of social distancing. The only thing you have to do is stay home and get drunk”.

About your husband he said that “a person very sociable and I always does it cost to get you to stop and spend time alone with me. For him, this is like being in jailbut in my case it’s perfect.”

In addition to a boast in the networks of the Italian food that she prepares Joe’s and finally left to make up for it, the interpreter ensures that during the quarantine all hours are hour of drinking tequila in its home. Although, yes, it clarifies that she is in charge of prepare the shots and the singer of bebérselos.

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