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The best Michael Jordan had to Scottie Pippen. The best Shaquille O’neal had to Kobe Bryant. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant they had each other. Up to Kawhi Leonard in the last title of Toronto Raptors it was very important to support in attack Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam. For more good that is a súperestrella of the NBA, the “lieutenants” are fundamental.

This is a week of “great men” in our websiteswith the survey to determine what was the best of all time according to the opinion of the fans.

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But also we give a place to the memory of exceptional seasons individual legends of the league who were not on the side of his to another All-Star that will help to bring the team forward and that, concentrating all the offensive power in them, they were able to classify his team to the playoffs. Three bodyguards of similar styles Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade, are the protagonists of this first part.

Michael Jordan (1986-1987)

We begin in chronological order with the best of all time: Michael Jordan. Unlike the “path of roses” that equipment already competitive prior to your arrival gave him great players of the time such as “Magic” Johnson and Larry Bird, the legendary escort Chicago Bulls did not come to the league in a very uplifting picture. The Bulls draftearon to MJ in 1984 after three seasons in which they were unable to achieve the 35 victories and they had a team full of young players without any very prominent.

In spite of this, Jordan quickly changed his fate and qualified to the Playoffs at the firstbut it would take four seasons to achieve a positive balance in the phase of regular and advance a round in the Playoffs. A year before that campaign of 1987-1988 was when MJ ended up taking off as the dominant figure in a consistent way, at 24 years of age: in the season 1986-1987 Jordan was selected for the first time to the first quintet All-NBA and led the league in annotation with 37.1 points per game, a figure which came close to matching.

23 Chicago averaged 37,1 points, 5,2 rebounds and 4.6 assists, 2,9 steals and 1,5 plugs with a 48% field in 27,8 pitches per game, numbers, sensational in a Bulls record 40-42. All in the attack on the franchise of Illinois passed by him: it is the only time in the history of the league in which a player edge launched at least more than 2,200 shots in phase regular. Your percentage of use of the ball was 38.2%, the fifth highest in the history of the league today and the number one at the moment (that statistic is measured in the NBA since 1977-1978).

Does the second best player for the Bulls after him? Charles Oakley, the power forward who by then was 23 years old and was in his second season in the league. Oak provided 14,5 points, to 13.1 rebounds and 3.6 assists, well, but a galaxy away from what to Jordanin addition to not having much of an impact outside of what was the inner area.

Kobe Bryant (2005-2006)

First with Shaquille O’neal and then Pau Gasol, the glory days of Kobe Bryant on The los Angeles Lakers have always had a great All-Star in the painting accompanying it. But between the departure of O’neal to Miami and the arrival of Catalan, the Lakers had a couple seasons that were not too important in terms of what is strictly sports and set. In 2005, not even qualified for the Playoffs, while in 2006 and 2007 they did so and were then eliminated in the first round.

If that team of the gold-and-purple came to the postseason, it was in a part giant thank you to the maybe Kobe Bryant that we saw during his 20 years of professional experience. The Kobe of the 2005-2006 it was one of the scorers, more relentless than we saw in the last times the NBA: averaged 35,4 pointswith works such as the 81 many in front of Toronto Raptors or 62 in three quarters against the Dallas Mavericksin addition to providing At 5.3 rebounds and 4.5 assists and 1.8 thefts per game in a season that he was the leading scorer of the league and fourth in the voting for the MVP (Steve Nash was the winner of the prize).

If, Kobe shooting a lot: to 27.2 attempts per game (2.173 pitches in total in the phase regular, second highest number for a perimeter after the 2.279 Jordan in 1986-1987). The percentage of use was 38.7%, the highest in NBA history until Russell Westbrook in 2017, I topped it (so did James Harden in 2019). But he had little around him as to distribute the game.

Just Lamar Odom was seen as someone in whom Bryant could trust a littlewith 14,8 points, to 9.2 rebounds and 5.5 assists by party to the eaves, which attempted to 9.5 shots per game and have a good performance in the Playoffs that Phil Jackson lost in seven matches against a great candidate for the ring as Phoenix Suns. However, Lamar was far from being someone significant among the 25 best players in the league by then.

With the arrival of Pau Gasolthe explosion of Andrew Bynum and the return of Derek Fisher in the 2007-2008 Lakers Bryant returned to be a candidate (would the sixth game of The Finals that lost to the Boston Celtics).

Dywane Wade (2008-2009)

We end this first part with the 2008-2009 campaign of Dwyane Wadeanother escort used to be surrounded by so spectacular in its pages more glorious (First Shaquille O’neal, then LeBron James) but that highlighted better individually when he was forced to do so by lack of other options.

After many injury problems, which also involved the left knee of Wade played just 51 games), and the departure of Shaquille O’neal to Phoenix, The Miami Heat finished last in the 2007-2008 season, with a record of 15-67. The lottery of the Draft 2008 prevented him to Miami to have the pick 1 to pick Derrick Rose and Michael Beasleythe winger selected with the pick number 2, there was a grand prize of consolation. So Wade had to carry the team on his shoulders to go in search of the Playoffs 2009. And what he achieved.

Miami, on the first season of Erik Spoelstra as coach, he won 43 matches and would end up losing in the first round of This against Atlanta Hawks 4-3, with Wade averaging for 29.1 points in the series and the second scorer of the team, Jermaine O’neal, contributing with only 13,3 many. He needed company to the number 3, which in phase regular had become for 30.2 points per game and is leading the league in annotationwith three matches of at least 50 fold, and 13 of at least 40 units.

D-Wade also led the NBA that year in releases field: 1.739, 27 more attempts that were made by Kobe Bryant. The use of “Flash”, 36.2%, was the maximum the league that year: a 2.6% higher than that of LeBron James, his good friend and future team-mate a little over a year later.

What other options had Wade? As with the above-mentioned Beasley (13,9 points average) and O’neal (13 goals), getting Jermaine in the month of February from the Toronto Raptors in exchange for Shawn Marion (12 points). Those four were the only players for Miami not called Dwyane Wade is averaging at least nine pitches per game during that season. None was even close to be considered an All-Star.

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