The incredible auction that make Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro they started a charity auction for the crisis of the new coronavirus in which the winners will be able to accompany them and participate in the filming of “Killers of the Flower Moon”the next film Martin Scorsese, and go to its premiere.

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese

The initiative is part of the challenge “All In Challenge”, initiated by the employer Michael Rubin, in which several celebrities auctioned off experiences in order to raise donations for various charities and initiatives that seek to palliate the effects that the pandemic is causing among the most vulnerable.

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Some celebrities can also donate to the fund, in addition to offer its experience, as in the case of Ellen DeGeneres, who has given a million dollars and auction the possibility of presenting along with her tv program, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.


Ellen DeGeneres

Once you accept the challenge you have to nominate another celebrity. In addition to DeGeneres, both De Niro as DiCaprio have been invited to Matthew McConaughey and Jamie Foxx. McConaughey has already been accepted and has taken the decision to auction the go to a football game with him at the University of Texas, also have been nominated Jimmy Kimmel and Jonah Hill.

Through its account of Instagram, DiCaprio released a video company virtual with De Niro, and first expressed that: “we Recently launched Americas Food Fund to help ensure that all families in need have access to food during this critical time. Our most vulnerable communities need our support now more than ever. That’s why we ask you to help us with All In Challenge”.

Robert De Niro

  Robert De Niro

Then, the actor of 45 years, continued: “If you’ve ever wondered how it is to be able to work with the great Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and I, this is your chance. Robert and I protagonizaremos a new film called ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’, directed by Scorsese. We want to offer you a role of companion without a prior appointment, the opportunity to spend the day on the set with the three of us, and to attend the premiere. To participate, go to the All In Challenge and donate what you can”.

This is not the first time I read this type of actions. In 2017, the ecological foundation of the actor offered a bid to dine with the stars of “Titanic,” he and Kate Winslet, The fund was in the best interests of the nonprofit organizations of the two stars and a campaign on GoFundMe, which helped a young british woman who needed support to pay for his treatment against cancer.

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Emilia Clarke, the eternal mother of the dragons in the acclaimed series Game of Thrones, it is another of the celebrities who opted for this mode and proposed a set up that will have 20 winners of a dinner virtual with it. To participate in the final selection, all interested parties must donate at the rate of US$ 15,000 , given that between all searches done with$ 300,000. in order to donate it to help in the alarming and complex picture of a pandemic that tacleó to humanity.

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