The perched of Natti Natasha in a bikini is crazy to their fans


The singer dominican Natti Natasha is doing a lot more fun the quarantine by the coronavirus to his fans, thanks to the images and moments that you share with all of them through their social networks.

However, between dances, exercise routines and messages of encouragement, the reguetonera and bachatera has also wanted to give a spicy touch to your content and has recently uploaded a photo that you cut the breath to more than one.

The star Latin it has pulled file and shared with all his followers Instagram a snapshot old in which she appears posing with a sexy set of bikini and beret at the edge of a pool, while overflows sensuality and glamour that has not gone unnoticed by the viewers.

“Tell me what I have to do to be so great”, “you’re a goddess”, “The best of the genre urban”, “How beautiful you are Natti”, “Precious and I’m short”, “you’re a bomb, I love you”, “I adore You, my queen, take care a lot that there’s little left to see you again in the scenarios” or “The most beautiful of all”, are some of the compliments that you have written to the diva in the post.

If we take a look at your profile on the mentioned network, we can see that Natti Natasha it is very regular to publish from time to time in terms of images of this style in the who lets see its sculptural curves of a Latin woman.

Not too long ago dazzled his fans to upload a photo in the purest style summer where you could see posing in a red bathing suit and a glass of champagne in hand.

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