The ‘talk show’ should continue, but from home


The hosts some of the most famous ‘talk shows’ of United States and Europe it also welcomed the modality of the teleworkduring the quarantine. Transmitted from the room, the garden, the attic, the study, or even from the bath.

When the pandemic by covid-19 forcing many countries to implement measures of constraint and social isolationmany activities, including the production in film and television, are stopped to reduce the risks.

In this context, the television networks began recording the ‘late show’ and ‘talk show’ without an audience. “The security of our guests and employees is our top priority,” said NBC, through the account of Late Night with Seth Meyers, on Twitter.

As the risk grew, programs that was streamed live ceased to occur and presenters as Jimmy Fallon, Ellen Degeneres, Seth Meyers and others agreed to make a pause and join the quarantine world.

But the show must go on and without knowing for how long you could extend the confinement, the hosts began to return to their programs, adapting formats, production, content and interactions with your guests, to respect the quarantine.

Since the 17th of march, Jimmy Fallon left the NBC studios to present on ‘The Tonight Show’, in a version of ‘From home’. “I’m doing the program from my home for two reasons: to stop the spread the coronavirus and to be able to pay my property taxes,” he says in the first video posted on the YouTube channel of the program.

Jimmy Fallon also played with their children during the transmission.

Jimmy Fallon also played with their children during the transmission.

Since then, J Balvin, Jennifer Garner, John Legend, Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga and other celebrities have participated by video in your program.

In addition to offering a moment of leisure their viewers, Fallon said that the money receiving by the broadcast of each program will be different social causes.

The same day, Jimmy Kimmel changed the suit and tie for an outfit that is more casual to announce that the program ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ will return to the air with a series of interviews by video conferencing and monologues, which addresses issues of health or policy.

In their transmissions has had guests as Samuel L. Jackson reading a story to stay at home or Jennifer Aniston, with whom he had contact with a nurse from Utah, that had rubbed of covid-19to give encouragement.

In each program, Kimmel also makes a donation to a social cause chosen by your guests. When the also host of TV, Ellen Degeneres, was the guest speaker, decided that the donation would be aimed at the America’s Food Foundation, dedicated to providing food to the affected communities by the covid-19.

Other presenters such as Seth Meyers, James Corden, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert and more have also been reinvented along with their programs, to offer moments of family entertainmentwith games, magic, music and comedy, but also to reflect on and discuss the world situation and its actors.

One of the last to return to the air has been Ellen Degeneres. What did Thursday with an interview to Pink, who beat the spread of coronavirus.

In times of confinement the social networks and YouTube have been an alternative to bringing entertainment to the home of their viewers.