the voice of America is 50 years old


From child music prodigy to one of the artists most conveners of all time. Without a doubt Luis Miguel has that aura of mystery of the great personalities of the show and a talent that does not turn off, your voice.

The next Sunday, 19 April, el Sol de Mexico is 50 years old and this birth comes after a period of splendor of the artist. After several years in which he sought not to lose its popularity, the fiction about his life produced by Netflix “Luis Miguel: the series” premiered in 2018, he returned that it was looking for more fame and money.

Many argue that he was bankrupt and thanks to the profits obtained by the fiction managed to take off, and their last concert tour “Mexico forever” became one of the most profitable between 2018 and 2019, with wide recognition, including the Latin Grammy award as Best Album of the year and millions of listeners on Spotify.

The voice, which was renewed, romantic music

For those who fail to understand the phenomenon, Luis Miguel Gallegos Basteri (his real name) started from very small its way into the music, from the hand of his father, Luis Rey. With an angelic voice managed to conquer the Spanish-speaking audience, which by then already surrendered at his feet.

Their first album, which debuted.

With only 12 years he recorded his first album, “1+1= 2 enamorados” and gave his first steps as a singer in Spanish. For 1985, the album “Word of honor” with the single titled what led to the popularity to get their first Grammy award.

At the end of the ’80 luis miguel was the star that won the heart of the hand of the Spanish pop and the romantic ballads with jobs with “Seeking a woman” produced by the label Warner.

Although the large bump he does with “Romance” (1991). An album where version classic boleros like “Inolvidable” and “You”, produced by Armando Manzanero. This was the tip of the spear to catapult as the young voice of the romantic music.

Become a phenomenon, the ’90s everything was successful, the hand of the Latin pop and renewed at their pleasure the romance genre, with classics that marked a generation of young people and not so much, that I enjoyed his interpretation as “The day that I want to”, “under the table”, “Bésame mucho”, among other topics.

With millions of records sold all over the world, and a popularity such as few in the music of the moment, colleagues like Alejandro Sanz argued that if Luis Miguel was made there would be no possibility of competing with him. His interpretive quality to what made it unique and unequalled.

For the beginning of the century, the tour “My Romance” and “33” were the tour organizers all over America and even in 2008 returned to fill the Stadium Malvinas Argentinas in our province.

In its period of glory, the ’90’s.

As of 2010, the Sun remained in silence without going to the recording studios and their tours were reduced to concerts less populous. It is the case of his last performance in Mendoza in 2014 with his tour “Déja Vu” and his debut at the Stadium Arena Maipú in front of three thousand people, singing their greatest hits.

The mexican culture with mariachis, rancheras and ballads stainless allowed the singer to maintain your style without turning to what the industry seeks, pop, urban music and the union of genres. Luis Miguel bad that even though has managed to surf the ups and downs of the artistic path, but always staying in the same line, a great performer recognized until by Frank Sinatra and other greats of the song.

Scandals and love affairs

The relationship with his father, the disappearance of his mother marked the side sad of the life of the singer. His private life was a handful of unknowns that accompanied him throughout the years, but with the series of Netflix unveiled a few questions. Is that like a few artists, the life of the mexican has all the condiments needed to make it attractive; scandals, loves, secrets and loneliness as a companion unalterable.

Luis Miguel is the older brother of the family Gallego Basteri and her youth is marked by a tortured relationship with his father, when his career turned into gold dust. At that time, the disappearance of his mother, Marcela Basteri was the saddest chapter of his life, that until now is a mystery and awakens new hypothesis.

Judging by what unveiled the fiction his mother disappeared in Italy without a trace and his father, Luis Rey was one of the people responsible. Its linkage to the closest family members, his brother Alex is one of the trusted people of your inner circle and Sergio, his younger brother has a low profile, away from the fame and the life of the singer.

The fame of gallant and womanizer built a base of popular romances. The conductive Daisy Fuentes, Mariah Carey, the actress Salma Hayek, and a fleeting relationship with Sofia Vergara they are a part of the links that stained his life.

Although the one who conquered as a few was the mexican actress Aracely Arámbula, with whom he began a relationship in 2005 and has two children Michael (13) and Daniel (12). But the romance came to an end in 2010, between scandals and a demand for the maintenance of their children.

Several years ago, Luis Miguel maintains a distant relationship with their small, as with his daughter, Michelle, the model of 30 years ago that recognized then a few years, the result of the engagement with the mexican actress Stephanie Salas.

The scandals that haunt the mexican artist. After several criticisms for his presentations untidy, for now, stays out of his public and in the latest images released in various magazines to see, accompanied by Mollie Gould, the young dancer of 20 years, who is also a singer for his band.

The celebration for 50 years is a big question to their followers. For the moment we don’t know too many details, but different fans club Luis Miguel around the world to prepare a celebration of the virtual, with special of his concerts and songs.

Finally, the pandemic of Covid-19 interrupted the recordings of the second season of “Luis Miguel: the series”. The fiction show you the life of the singer from 1992 until the present day, and Diego Boneta, the mexican actor who plays luis miguel and in the advances seen with a similar very well-done. For the moment, everything is up in the air and the fans will have to wait to learn more secrets of their idol.