The Witcher 2 season: Image of the recordings, Henry Cavill will be back soon

Showrunner of the series from Netflix “The Witcher”, Lauren S. Hissrich shared the first image of the second season. It was through their account on the social network of the bird blue where he published an image of the set of the filming of the series, while they were recording scenes for a little over a month. This is a behind-the-scenes where you can see the staff and the cast of the fanciful production.

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In the instantáea can be clearly seen that they are in a green beautiful forest, where the light from the sun creates a lighting quite right for the world of magic and creatures fantastic.

“#tbt a month ago on the set of @witchernetflix”, says the message of Hissrich that accompanies the image. “The sun will rise. Until then, stay home and stay safe,” can be read at the foot of the publication made in the official portrait of Hissrich on Twitter.

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It seems that the second season of the series does not yet have a release date, since due to the problematic situation the world has been suspended filming, and as we well know is not the only production that has been ravaged in recent months because of the same.

Let us remember that clearly Henry Cavill, who also gave life to Superman in the Universe of DC comics, will continue playing Geralt of Rivia in this second season, of which, the only thing that we know about its release is that it will be released until 2021.

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It is also known that this season brings cast new, among them we Can find actors like Yasen Atour, Agnes Bjorn, Paul Bullion, Aisha Fabienne Ross and Mecia Simson, among many other things. The rest of the cast continues as we know it.

“The reaction to the first season set a high-bar to add new talents to the second season. Sophie Holland and his team of casting found the best people to embody these characters, and in the hands of these directors, we are excited to see these new stories.” Commented the producer after the success that she got her first film and that is what gave you the direct pass to film this new.

The Witcher is based on the popular series of fantastic novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski and the story follows the adventures of the famous hunter of monsters, Geralt of Rivia in the Continent, a world in which coexist with more or less cordiality humans, elves and other creatures.

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