This is the accessory most likely to have used the famous quarantine


At quarantine and with the celebrities to the natural posting their routines, they left out many of their secrets. What are the most frequent? Many need to wear glasses! Check out who uses more cute.
Elle Fanning. Photo: IG

If something we saw in quarantine is the behind-the-scenes: the celebrities al natural.

In their live and home videos recordedthe actresses Hollywood not only leave see how good they are shooting themselves (and taking selfies), are also shown without make up and in his more relaxed state.

Without so much pose: what snitching many of them?

I need glasses!

The best look

Because without make up and at home, the girls are without network: so you see reading, cooking, playing with your kids at the natural.

Well-framed: Jennifer Garner, soap and water in quarantine. Photo: IG

Does the accessory have in common? Many of the stars that we know leave out your contact lenses (the less we touch the faces, the better) and at home I return to glasses! The reading eyeglasses are back.

Gwyneth Paltrow in the video I posted this week against the coronavirus. Photo: IG

Look intellectual

Trends 2020 displays well strongwith mark widths as protagonists.

So choose Gwyneth Paltrow and today’s author Demi Moore (his autobiography is still a bestseller) who stresses his perfect face with them. It also adds a modern look!

Frameworks important to the blond actress, Goop. Photo: IG

Out with glasses to see -even the “ass of the bottle”- he ceased to be a taboo. As well, the young Elle Fanning walked his own walk on the red carpet of the premiere of The Bright Places in Los Angeles.

The actress chose a design cat eye -the same with which it is usually displayed in their day-to-day – and that complemented their outfit Gucci to perfection. Oh divine!

To read, with shadow effect, so choose Demi Moore glasses. Photo: IG
Demi Moore and reading glasses as the accessory top. Photo: IG

With his 52 years, Julia Robertsthe Nice Woman also chooses to not tire your sight as you review documents and read librettos: square, and in brown tone, that is your choice.

Julia Roberts in quarantine mode selfie. Photo: IG

Love at first sight

One of the first to show that you need your glasses to read it Reese Whiterspoon. The Legally Blonde more famous you opt for a framework lightweight, simile carey.

A look intellectual to Reese Whiterspoon. Photo: IG

Jennifer Aniston varies of models. Out of your home in California-when it comes to presentations and readings-, the actress Friends prefer a lighter, according to your type of skin and hair.

Jennifer Aniston. Photo: IG

However, in recent times the fish in, wearing his pair dark: a look very intellectual that her character Rachel would approve of.

Mark strong Jennifer Aniston, and the company of his dog in quarantine. Photo: IG

It is also common for fishing to Dakota Fanning with glasses in their day-to-day. The actress 50 Shades of Grey it is short-sighted and need glasses to be able to see well down the street.

That is why the bride of Chris Martin always have on hand some cute design for frame your beautiful eyes.

Dakota Johnson with glasses, inside and outside of home.

With so many films to see and so much reading accumulated in quarantine, it may be time to review if, in addition, you need to glasses to see better: have you already chosen what model you like the most?