Tom Holland challenged a heavyweight boxing what is the last?


Tom Holland like much of the people around the planet, is to practice social distancing at home. To stay in shape, the actor and Harrison Osterfield they chose to practice some boxing and share it on the social networks. But emboldened with his progress, the thing was not there. Apparently the british like to be in a great physical state, and joked that it is capable of facing up to the champion of the heavy weights: Anthony Joshua.

The boxer british regained the title at the end of last year when he defeated by points and smoothly in Saudi Arabia, to Andy Ruiz. The mexican I had removed the belt from his hands on June 1, 2019. In that fight, Ruiz knocked out Joshua on the seventh assault and rocked the world of pugilism. Six months later, the fighter of 30 years put things in order.

However, in the horizon of the world champion of the heavy appears to be a rival unthinkable. Tom Hollandfor his part, threw some hits together to Osterfield and shared the moment in their stories of Instagram. In them he added a caption which read: “Anthony Joshua, what do you say?”. Harrison Osterfield has been trained for 30 minutes and already I feel ready to face the great man” joked the current trepamuros Marvel.

Joshua still has not been added to the new challenge of Holland. Even so, if the coronavirus is what allows you, the british expose their titles in London against the Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev. In the first instance, the event had been scheduled for the first week of April, but had to be postponed because of the crisis caused by the COVID-19.

Tom Holland, for their part, must wait for the premiere of his latest film “Cherry”, as well as the start of production of the third installment of “Spider-Man”. In the meantime it has been entertaining through their social media challenges and interacting with other famous stars. To learn more about the quarantine of Tom Holland we recommend this other note above.