Uncharted the Nathan Drake Collection and Days Gone PS4 appear as PC games on Amazon France and Sony does not denies | Game

A large number of PS4 games were listed for PC in the portal of Amazon France, among them, Days Gone and Uncharted The Nether Drake Collection. Both titles appear with the label of Windows platform. Sony was asked by the topic and what he said did not deny completely the possibility.

Big surprise generated in the gamers that supposed to be a massive filter of pitches. As also mentioned The Last of Us Part II, video game that has been in the mouth of all because they delayed the premiere indefinitely on PS4. In addition, another important saga of PlayStation as what was Gran Turismo.

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Days Gone and Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection, this last a free game which you can claim in the PS4 for a limited time, they appeared in the store of Amazon France, although it is not showing any picture or details as the launch date in PC.

To resolve the doubts of thousands of gamers, the portal IGN has contacted Sony to clarify if Days Gone and Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection they were going to premiere in PCso the japanese company said the following:

“The listings are not accurate. We have not announced that these video games (Days Gone, Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection, The Last of Us Part II, among others), will PC”.

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While it does not deny outright that all the exclusive PS4 are going to get to PCthe fact that Horizon Zero Dawn will premiere in computers through Steam, does not mean that it happens with other games private PlayStation 4.

Recall that the president of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, made it clear that the debut of Horizon Zero Dawn in PC “does not necessarily mean that each game will have a port for computers”.

For the moment, Days Gone and Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection you will not PC. However, it is possible that Sony will change her mind on the road and possibly a lot you will have to see the success you get Horizon Zero Dawn once it is released via Steam.

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Free games: give Journey for PS4 and what you’ll be able to keep forever

The first free games to be seen on PS4. Through the initiative “Plays at Home” Sony surprises gamers by giving away titles to have a good time in this quarantine coronavirus. Learn how to claim the award-winning Journey and have it forever on PlayStation 4.

Through the “Play at Home”, the company will provide free games to enjoy from PS4, this means that it will not be necessary to have a subscription to PlayStation Plus to claim them. In addition, it will also serve to establish a fund that can help small independent studies that are being affected by this virus. That is why Sony revealed the date on which a claim may be made Journey.

As mentioned the release of the PlayStation, Journey you will have the tag game free in PS Store from the 15th of April at 8.00 p. m. pacific time until 5 may at the same time. Also, once you’ve downloaded the game, this will stay forever in your library on PS4. Know more details here.

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PS4: Sony gives Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection forever

It took but arrived. Sony joins the wave of free games and already made official his first gift to PS4. This is The Nathan Drake Collectiona package with the first three games of the series Uncharted, remastered for the PlayStation 4. Reclámalos now and keep them forever.

To a gift you don’t say no, and if it is Uncharteda lot less. What they expected millions of users on the PS4 became a reality. Not only will games for free, also try to exclusive titles.

The move comes with the initiative “Play at Home” or “Play at home”. Sony looking to give us more reasons to keep us in compliance with the quarantine with free games and as announced in their social networks, causing a stir. Find out when and how to download it in this link.

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