Video Kylie Jenner treats his mother almost like a slave


Kris Jenner no longer can more with the demands of Kylie Jenner, who is more demanding than ever and treats her almost like a slave.

But why Kris supports this situation?, because of love, since that makes sure you want your little daughter is well after it was subjected to a surgery.

What happens is that the young entrepreneur had an eye operation and needed special care, so that mom does not hesitate to go to their aid.

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Kris seemed like a good idea to give a tinker bell to his daughter to call when you need something; however, it was apparently a terrible idea and this does not stop ringing.

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Kylie is very demanding with his mother and his little tastes quite exotic; in a video you can watch as you made a request and when mom returned with her, just the girl no longer wanted it.

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The loving mother cooked for her daughter and even fed him in the mouth, apparently will spend more time together, but Kris takes the worst part.

I just want to make sure that is okay, because the most healthy thing you can do at this time is to rest a little, commented on the situation the matriarch of the Kardashian.