We remember the soap opera that starred Shakira


The colombian has a great track record and like all, had to start from the bottom

Shakira it is without doubt one of the artists latino’s most famous and talented at the international level, its success has led to be presented in the most important venues in the world, is also considered the figure of the Latin girl par excellence. At age 43, the Latin has known how to take your career, however the fame was not easy, because as all had to start from the bottom.

Example of this was the telenovela that starred at the age of 17, a production of the colombian entitled The Oasis which was transmitted in the year of 1994. At that time the singer-songwriter was beginning to be known for her participation in various local programs and competitions at the national level as “The best cola in Colombia”.

In colombian production she played the role of Luisa Maria, a young girl who fell in love of the son of the worst enemy of your father, then Shak boasted his hair black that the public knew it.

The soap opera came to some countries of Latin America, however, became a great phenomenon. It is speculated that Shakira bought the rights so they can’t re-transmit it again and so not to cling to the great fame that currently has the singer.

A year later he would launch the album Bare feet and the rest is history. Without a doubt, the singer from a young age aspired to big and never be conformed. It currently has more than 420 prizes, and a fortune estimated of $300 million dollars.