We will saw it all! Lady Gaga in the heart of New York… just As God brought the world!

If there is one thing we are sure of is that Lady Gaga he is not afraid of anything, and much less known limits at the time of imposing trends among its millions of fans.

In the midst of a health crisis worldwide, the artist take the time to demonstrate that it is still firm willing to generate new brands in the music.

The vocal range is extraordinary and the style of standing on the stage is the main weapon of the american, so you see her without makeup is not an option, although this quarantine may have generated the change.

In the last few hours the interpreter planted on his balcony to show off something more than your figure, prey to the boredom seems to want to remember their days on the tables so they did the same.

With striking images Gaga, shown in a postcard of Instagram with a body beige tight to the body, accompanied by nothing more and nothing less than three pairs of shoes ultra high.

The recognized Mother Monster bragged about their high heels with measures of between 26 and 46 inches, which added to her height of 1.55 represent a total ¡brutality!.

Definitely the glamour is something that the singer is not willing to lose, and although still missing a time for his return to the stage, fans have the consolation of soon being able to enjoy a concert that is prepared with the purpose of helping to alleviate the problems of the coronavirus. All of a queen of the show!

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