What a scandal! Rihanna and Drake have returned to raise passions, Not what we believe!


It controversial total! This video of Rihanna with Drake has shaken the world once again! Not to be missed!

At 32 years of age Rihanna has managed to establish itself in the world of art and spectacle as one of the best singers of pop music, this in spite of all the ups and downs that has happened throughout his artistic career.

The famous one is the owner of amazing musical themes, which many of them have toured the world showing the vast talent that he possesses of the beloved artist of Barbados.

In one of the concerts offered by it, we can see as she danced to Drake in a way quite sensual and polemic, which of course sparked the shouts of all present.

It is worth noting, that Rihanna at that time he wore an outfit quite sexy, a dress of black colour, which is lifted with each of her movements, and these details, of course, managed to watch our beloved Drake It first hand!

Without a doubt, Rihanna when you want can be the woman’s most scandalous in the middle, with that talent and that hot body It was sufficient for him and will spare!