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Difficult days lives the world by the pandemic of the COVID-19, virus that is claiming the lives of thousands of people in the different continents and that is also creating serious economic problems in many companies.

The sport is no stranger to this situation and be paralyzed by the events and competitions, some organizations have seen the need to dismiss their workers. Such is the case of the WWE.

The leading company of professional wrestling, took the radical decision not to continue with many of its figures. The news came as a surprise to her fans that no longer will be able to see it in action by Sarah Logan, EC3, Luke Gallows, among others.

But one of the most affected has been Drake Maverick, who was not expected such news and decided to record a video of farewell which rose to social media, becoming viral in a matter of seconds.

And that is to Maverickit was not easy to digest the decision and not endured break down in tears. “I just finished a call with the head of relationships with talent, Mark Carrano, and has told me, the day today, I’ve been released from my contract with WWE. When this all started, as all the world, I do not take it seriously, but it is affecting the lives of people, their jobs, the manner in which you earn a salary”, he began counting the fighter.

Then, the English of 37 years, added the following: “I am very lucky that WWE still allows me to participate in the tournament to crown the interim champion of the weight cruise of NXT, but it is very likely that these are the last battles of my life.”

Seconds later and with the eyes full of tears, he continued. “There are a lot of people who I won’t be able to say goodbye in person. People whom I love, whom I actually matter. They have made Me a better person. If these are my last three fights, I want all the people that you see at home know that I’m going to leave everything in the ring. I don’t mind the title. This is going on my life, feed my family, pay the bills. If you do not cause a great impression, if I do not win, it’s over. That’s why, I want everyone to know that I’m going to give it my all,” concluded the former 24/7.

As you recall, Drake Maverick he came to the WWE in 2017 after excel in TNA. During his tenure in the company, he found his reign, in 24/7 to have won up to six times.