You know the brain behind the videos of J Balvin, Justin bieber, among others


Colin Tilley is the director behind many of the clips that are posted by the artists on the platforms, considered to be a brain in the industrythe filmmaker has positioned itself in the industry, known here as his career.

Colin Tilley and J Balvin
Photo: Colin Tilley & J Balvin together x Instagram

Colin Tilley, is considered one of the greatest creative audiovisual genres urban in the united States.

Tilley, 31 years old, is the CEO and creator of Boy-In-The-Castle Productions, one of the largest producers of videos for urban artists or alternative.
So you know more or less of which we speak, has done the work visual and creative Post Malone in ‘Circles’, did all the videos of Oasis by J Balvin and Bad Bunny, ‘What’s Hot’, Major Lazer, J Balvin and The Alpha Chief, ‘Crazy You’ x Dj Snake, Tyga, and J Balvin, Post Malone ‘Goodbyes’, ‘Alright’ by Kendrick Lamar. He was also the director of Nibiru of Ozuna and Colors J Balvin, respectively, (Yes, it has worked a lot with Balvin, isn’t it?)

Colin was Born in Berkeley, California, and throughout his career he has managed to nominating important to great prizes such as Grammy Awards and the Video Music Awards MTV, coming out victorious in several, and of course you are going to tell you:

  • MTV VMAs ‘Best male video’: ‘U Smile’ x Justin Bieber
  • MTV VMAs ‘Best new artist to follow’: ‘What About Love’ x Austin Mahone
  • Prize BET the best video of the year: ‘Look At Me Now’ x Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes
  • MTV VMAs ‘Best video of Hop Hop’: ‘Anaconda’ x Nicky Minaj
  • MTV VMAs ‘Best direction in a video’: ‘Allright’ x Kendrick Lamar

In addition to directing (and very well), writes scripts for music videos and is immersed in the creation of independent films very constantly.

It is also very immersed in all kinds of projects for television. Tilley directed, produced and was the executive director of his first short film called ‘Mr. Happy’, that was led by Change The Rapper, a famous rapper american who is also a producer.

In addition, he has directed commercials for major brands in the market such as Balmain , Reebok , Yves Saint Laurent , Antonio Banderas , Kylie Jenner, Audi , and the perfume of Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday”.

Colin Tilley
Photo: Colin Tilley, Boy In The Castle Merch x Instagram

Colin Tilley, the new director of the reggaeton

Colin Tilley has been immersed in the urban music of the united States already for a long time, but in Latin america has entered recently, but treading very strong.

His work with superstars of the continent as J Balvin, Anitta, Bad Bunny, among others, have positioned themselves quickly as a brain behind the sounds of reggae and trap, in addition to considering it necessary to take videos of every one of these artists to another level, to a global environment, after all #Latinogang is becoming more and more universal.

With Ozuna did a flawless job, never before has the singer of reggaeton had been much work in the visual as what she experienced with Colin Tilley. The concept that we saw in the video clips was out of this world, literally, is out of the world.

All the videos have chapters, as if a series is treated. A full-length movie urban for you to enjoy on your couch.

On the other hand, his most ambitious project up to now is ‘Colours’ x J Balvin, as you saw throughout the note, the paisa and the producer have worked on many projects together. They met in 2018, and from there have not stopped creating.

The director Tilley, addressed each one of the videos in the album of J Balvin, and the same singer has put it:
“With this I want to win an award, audio-visual, it is my largest project in this approach”said Balvin.

With this immersion in the reggaeton and his name becoming bigger in this part of the world is surely what we will see in the larger projects… the greatest artists.

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