YouTube Originals offers a variety of series free by Coronavirus

YouTube Originals offers a variety of series free by Coronavirus

YouTube offers more than a dozen of their original programs for streaming free of charge during the crash of the coronavirus. The programs, which include the series of murder and mystery ‘Escape the Night’ (Seasons 1-4), the drama of “Step Up: High Water” (Seasons 1-2), supernatural Thriller “Impulse” (Seasons 1-2), The comedy series “Foursome” (Seasons 1-2), and the animated programme for children ‘Sherwood’, originally they were only available to subscribers of YouTube’s Premium that you pay $ 11.99 per month in the united States.

The news has been confirmed by the global director of original content for YouTube, Susanne Daniels, who said: “With a diverse collection of original YouTube fan favorite now available to stream free of charge, we continue to promote safety while we offer to our users of all ages entertainment all over the world ” .

He also confirmed that the programs remain free of advertising even for non-paying users. The free access came into effect on Wednesday, but it is not known how long the offer ‘limited period’.

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Along with the programs listed above, some of the other content that will be available to stream to free users in the next few weeks will include a lot of programs for children and original family-oriented, including We Are Savvy, Hyperlinked, Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force and Kings of Atlantis, Some new originals, as the series documentary Justin Bieber’s ‘Seasons’ and ‘Instant Influencer’ of James Charles, are already available for free with ads. You can check the full list on the official website .

The decision of YouTube to release part of its paid content comes after that many other streaming platforms, such as HBO, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, and SiriusXM, have opened part of their premium content for free streaming in the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus. It will be interesting to see if the renowned Disney + Hotstar and other transmission services in India will do something similar in the next few days.

You can see these YouTube Originals here .

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