15 actors and actresses of the Movie Universe Marvel, which were going to interpret to other characters of the UCM


After more than a decade of existence of the Movie Universe Marvel, it is difficult not to identify certain characters directly with the actor or actress who plays him. However, in many cases, some of these performers had no fortune in his first audition, and, had they been so, they would have been the face of different roles to which we are accustomed. So it would have been the UCM if all of them would have succeeded in the first role to which they chose.

Chadwick Boseman would be Drax the Destroyer

The current Black Panther had aspirations less wakandianas and more galactic in its first attempt to join the UCM. I was not going to be T Challabut Drax the Destroyer, a role that eventually went to the hands of Dave “The Invisible” Baptist. He told the casting director Sarah Finn, in the test of Drax “was someone that we all feel really that would be awesome as Black Panther”. Said and done. The memory of her test was at Marvel Studios for years and in a call between the actor, Kevin Present and the Brothers Russo on the occasion of Captain America: Civil War, where he debuted the character, he was offered the role by which we know him today.

Lupita’nyong-or would it be Nébula

Continuing with the cast of Black Panther, his companion Lupita’nyong or originally also chose to be a Guardian of the Galaxy instead of Tems. Originally auditioned to play Nébula, the other daughter of Thanos next to Gamora, a role which you currently have Karen Gillan. It could not be, but the casting department pointed out your name directly and put an offer on the table for the role of the spy wakandiana.

Michael B. Jordan would be Falcon

Closing the circle of the casting of Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan, who played the villain Killmonger not wanted to be a panther originally… but tried his luck as a Falcon, the loyal companion of Captain America. Shortly before they confirm their role as Human Torch in Fantastic Four, the actor acknowledged the Daily Beast he had also tried to get with other papers based on characters Marvel doing auditions for Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Falcon in Captain America: The Soldier Winter.

Anthony Mackie would be The Mandarin

The choice of Michael B. Jordan as Falcon would have left us without Anthony Mackie in the role, though the actor still would have appeared in the UCM if your first casting had been successful. Years before, he did a test for the role of “The Mandarin”, the infamous paper which was embroidered Ben Kingsley… until we discovered the farce (remember that in the film Shang-Chi himself will appear the true Mandarin). The Brothers Russo and producer Nate Moore took note and began negotiations for it to be Falcon.

Karen Gillan would be Sharon Carter (Agent 13)

Before we were referring to Karen Gillan as a Nébulaone of the developments of character more complex the UCM (even more so in Endgame for the dual role). What was the blue alien, his first attempt to enter the Marvel Universe? No. Curiously chose first for to be Agent 13, Sharon Carter, in Captain America: The Soldier Winter. Sarah Finn is not considered suitable for the role (and we quite like Emily VanCamp), but the actress was on her radar: “Even though she had not interpreted never a character as Nébula, I was really interested in seeing her read. So he came and auditioned. James Gunn described to Nébula as childish and Karen with this kind of beauty cherub mixed with the darkness that could make us convinced”.

Sebastian Stan would be Captain America

The Sentinel of Liberty will always be Chris Evans, but almost ended up being one of his companions and rivals common: Sebastian Stan, Soldier of Winter. Bucky Barnes, who many expected to pick up the mantle of Captain America after Endgame, I would have had the opportunity that was denied him originally. Declared CNBC Make It who did the casting test, but “it was not right for the role”. This was a vital lesson for him, and ended up having a long lasting contract that will forthcoming series Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Chris Pratt would be Captain America

The role of Captain America was disputadísimo. Another of the actors who wanted to be the defender of the united States was Chris Pratt. The namesake of Evans, before being Peter Quill/Star-Lord he wanted to be Steve Rogers. Sarah Finn recognized him in the docuserie Casting the MCU Disney+: “it Was something very interesting. Did not fit well, but there was something very endearing. I had a lot of heart”. Finally, he ended up leading the Guardians of the Galaxy [con permiso de Thor] after getting to know James Gunn, who at first was reluctant, and then it was nail and flesh with Pratt. “That relationship gave rise to Star-Lord”, concluded Finn.