7 hairstyles that the celebrities did after a breakup

If you thought that only mortals like us resort to the hair cut after a breakup, you’re wrong! Celebrities have also made changes look radical with his mane after finishing their relations and here below we show you the most important. Eye, it to some until I changed the expression!

The bob of Gigi Hadid

We do not know if the hair cut it was a coincidence or a deliberate action on the part of Gigi, but, if we go back to 2015, we can remember when the model changed her hair extra-long, by a bob tips paraded to the height of the chin after finishing with Joe Jonas. Although both styles of hair will look impact Hadid, the transformation impacted all of us greatly!

The pixie of Scarlett

Ok, at the beginning of 2017 the star of Jojo Rabbit already had short hair, in the manner of a garçon with a fringe of paris. However, after announcing your separation with the journalist Romain Dauriac, It Scarlett cut even more hair! The result was a pixie with the sides shorter and style boyish. Do you like more the before or the after?

The lob of Anne Hathaway

12 years ago, just when Anne was going to record Bride Wars with Kate Hudson, the actress got rid of her long and voluminous hair after a break up with Raffaello Follieri, an Italian who was arrested for fraud in 2008. Despite the fact that the case was stunned to all over the world, Hathaway never ceased to boast a mane enviable in its short version.

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