A reference of ‘Infinity War’ confirms that Jimmy Kimmel exist within the MCU

The Movie Universe of Marvel is perhaps the most broad of all cinema, perhaps above Star Wars and it seems to be that you do not have an end, at least close, as it has become a landmark in the cinema and its protagonists have become even more famous, even some stars have asked to be part of these films, but perhaps very few noticed that one was added indirectly, as Jimmy Kimmel it exists within the MCU.

Jimmy Kimmel is one of the communicators is more important than US, your talk show it has become a worldwide hit, and usually have guests that no one else could, he has even had members of Marvel Studios and has even made sketches with his characters, one of them was Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.

Perhaps very few noticed that there is a reference to this host on ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, which confirms that Jimmy Kimmel exists within the MCU, specifically during a conversation between Tony Stark and Doctor Strange within the Sanctum Sanctorumin this place, Tony began to question Strange “in what works in addition to make balloons animals”to which he responds that “protect your reality”.

Perhaps this dialogue may seem only a mockery to her magic, but in fact he makes reference to a famous sketch that made Benedict Cumberbatch in the program of Jimmy Kimmel, where he was hired to animate a children’s party, and even make balloon animals as any magician or clown.

If Tony Stark saw this famous sketch within the program of Jimmy Kimmel, it would make sense why she referred to Doctor Strange this way, so you could say that there is this important presenter within the MCU.

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