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actors who could be superman
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Henry Cavill left the Universe Extended DC (DCEU), so that there is a vacancy open for the role of Superman, and there are some options of players that would be great.

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After Justice LeagueBen Affleck and Henry Cavill decided to not return to play Batman and Superman. Batman found a quick replacement in the new version of Matt Reeves starring Robert Pattinson, but the same is not the case with the Man of Steel.

Tyler Hoechlin is the current Superman in the universe tv The CW, but tv and film are very different, so the actor will not give life to the version of the character on the big screen.

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Henry Cavill has reiterated that he did not give up completely to the role, but neither has given evidence of his return to the DCEU. So everything indicates that the british actor will not be Superman.

Apparently, Warner has no plans in the short term to make a new Superman movie; however, eventually you will have to fill the gap left Cavill and there are some actors who could be the new Clark Kent.

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Richard Madden

Richard Madden won popularity thanks to his interpretation of Robb Stark in Game of Thrones. Also participated in Rocketman and is currently captivating the british public with Bodyguard.

The actor of 33 years will participate in Eternals Marvel, but there is a clause in the contract that does not allow him to work with DC. So his popularity and skills histriónicos what would become a Superman perfect.

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Armie Hammer

In 2008, Armie Hammer was considered for Batman in the version of Justice League George Miller that was never performed. That role is already occupied, but the actor nominated for a Golden Globe has the look ideal to be Clark Kent.

Hammer worked with Henry Cavill in The Man from U. N. C. L. E. and both of them received good reviews; however, physically, Armie Hammer is much more high and heavy, so that it fits more to the role of Superman.

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Michael B. Jordan

Some months ago, there were rumors that Michael B. Jordan was in the look of Warner to play Superman, but never confirmed anything.

Currently, the actor has a contract with Marvel for his role as Killmonger in Black Panther, but also starred in Creed and Just Mercyso that you have possibilities open to other projects, and the DCEU could be one of them.

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Miles Teller

Miles Teller is one of the actors most versatile of today. Was unveiled by Whiplash in 2014, but had already been involved in Footloose, Divergent, later, he gave life to Reed Richards in The Fantastic 4 and soon will appear in the sequel of Top Gun.

The name of the actor has never sounded in rumors to fill the vacancy of Superman, but already had experience in productions of superheroes and also transformed his physique in the tape Bleed For This, in which she played the boxer Vinny Pazienza.

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Henry Golding

The popularity of Henry Golding has grown exponentially in recent years thanks to its participation in various romantic comedies. However, as miles Teller is an actor who has demonstrated his vast range histrionic in the different roles that are not only the gallant conqueror.

The personality versatile actor fit to play a friendly Clark Kent and a badass Superman.

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Tye Sheridan

Sheridan is the actor younger and of smaller stature on the list with 23 years and 1.71 metres, but that is not an impediment to star in a movie of the stature of Superman.

Sherydan rose to fame with his role in Ready Player One, but also has experience in the world of superheroes because she played a younger version of Cyclops in X-Men. When you take into account that it may take a few years for Warner decides to re-produce a Superman, Sheridan could fit in the role.

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Wes Bentley

Contrary to Tye Sheridan, in the case of Wes Bentley, the experience would be the important factor for the actor of 41 years to interpret Superman.

Bentley has a filmography extensive with directors and franchises important, so that you might give life to a Superman mature, even to the point of retire, to show a new story that has not been exploited on the big screen.

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Who of them would you like to see as the new Superman?

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