Alexa Chung shows them a photo of the Met gala in which she shared the bathroom with Rihanna, Salma Hayek and Stella McCartney

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These days at home are being the perfect occasion that required many celebrities to organize your memories and to see again many photos of the past. Unique moments that were forgotten in a folder, and now it’s back to the memory. With the Met gala 2020 suspended because of the crisis coronavirus, Alexa Chung it has evoked some of the best memories of the feast of the fashion by excellence.

The designer and influencer published a snapshot never seen in the that appear during the intermission of the gala that took place in 2011, together in the bathroom, Yoko Ono, Rihanna, Salma Hayek, Lauren Hutton and Stella McCartney. A photo unique and unrepeatable that has thrilled fashionistas.

“Old, maybe even Blackberry ?picture of a bathing scene of the Met gala. Yoko, Rihanna, Stella, Salma, Lauren. Lined up”, has written Alexa Chung next to the image. And since then the value of the photo is the maximum what is intimate and improvised.

The picture shows Rihanna with hair this red-looking as Stella McCartney fits your black lace dress aided by Yoko Ono (who wears an impressive headdress white) while Lauren Hutton takes a drag on his cigarette and Salma Hayek smiles in the end.

“Iconic”, “put this picture in the History books” or “This is the tbt that I need” are some of the comments that you have left your fans. Alexa is particularly communicative these days, and in addition to that wonderful image, he shared a look with jeans and white shirt in which she claimed that it was the fourth day that he was wearing those jeans, as well as an illustration with which I wanted to thank you for your work for the National Health System of United Kingdom.

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