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Quibi, you’ve done it again. The service transmission in short format has presented a preview of a new program, and in the true fashion of Quibi, it seems like the kind of parody of a tv series you’d see on 30 Rock. It’s called Sillyand is starring Anna Kendrick as a woman who leaves on a trip with a sex doll intelligent. Yes, seriously. The sex doll seems to stay perfectly still, except for his face, which is animated in a way that is truly nightmare. ¡Check it out below!

Trailer simulated

I feel a little bad for Quibi. The new service of transmission of short format for phone has received a lot of negative press both before and after its release, and it does not seem to be gaining a lot of strength among the new subscribers. Of course, there is a lot of garbage in Quibi, but there are also some good shows, like When the Streetlights Go On and Run this City.

But then there is a trailer like this, and honestly I don’t know what the hell to think. Anna Kendrick is an enchanting actress. I tend to enjoy it in almost everything I see. But really I don’t know about this, fam. Just watch … what is scary? The doll sex talking just looks nasty, and then you add in the fact that only the character of Kendrick can listen to the conversation of the wrist, and the entire effort feels like a horror movie in the process.

In Dummy, “an aspiring writer (Anna Kendrick) is a friend of the sex doll of her boyfriend and the two take on the world together”. The series comes from the creator and writer Cody Heller (Wilfred, Kidding), and was directed by Tricia Brock (Lodge 49). Heller, Brock and Kendrick serve as executive producers. In addition to Kendrick, the series also features Donal Logue and Meredith Hagner.

As distasteful as I find this advancement, I will admit that I am all for shows that are brave enough to be rare. And Dummy true it looks pretty weird. Who knows, maybe this will be the best show that Quibi has to offer. Stranger things have happened.

Dummy is thrown at Quibi April 20.

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