Apple TV+ offers content that is free during the quarantine


Apple TV+ adds to the efforts to make more bearable the quarantine from our homes. The company has made available some of its original content for a limited time totally free.

In recent years, Apple TV+ has kept producing original content of quality, which will now be available for all those who want to access it. Series, movies, and content for children, are part of what the company shared to all.

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Whether on your mobile, on your television or smart devices such as Amazon Fire and Roku, you’ll be able to easily access the contents. Then we show you the productions of Apple available in streaming. Take note.

The Elephant Queen

Embark on an epic journey of family, courage and return home in “The Elephant Queen”. This documentary that crosses the wild life narrated by Chiwetel Eljiofor won the award for the ‘green’ Cinema for Peace in addition to receiving two nominations for the prestigious Critics Choice Documentary Awards , including Best Narrative and Best documentary Science/Nature.

The narrative driven by characters and designed in a unique way, continues to Athena, a majestic matriarch elephant leads her family through a natural landscape but merciless film, which is formed by grasslands and forests, dotted with water wells seasonal.

Little America

Lee Eisenberg and with the executive production of Kumail Nanjiani, Emily v. Gordon and Alan Yang, “Little America” is a series of anthology that features eight fun, romantic, sincere, inspiring and surprising stories of immigrants in America, when they are now more relevant than ever.


This is a series, suspense psychological filled with twists and turns, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, that follows a couple who is in mourning in the city of Philadelphia, after having lived through an unspeakable tragedy that creates a fracture in their marriage and opens a door to a mysterious force to enter your home.


This acclaimed comedy, starring the Oscar nominated® Hailee Steinfeld, and created by Alena Smith, explores boldly the limitations of society, gender and the family from the perspective of a young poet, rebel Emily Dickinson. Wiz Khalifa is the guest star in the comedy, nominated for the Prize GLAAD.

For All Mankind

“For All Mankind” it presents a world that is aspirational, where astronauts and NASA engineers, and their families, find themselves at the center of extraordinary events that you see through the prism of a time-line of alternative in which the USSR exceeds that of the united States to reach the moon.


This is a “remake” of the series of 1992 of Sesame Workshops. Each episode is framed around the literature, with classics and new works by popular authors such as D. J. MacHale, and Kwame Alexander. Since its premiere, Ghostwriter has won several awards, Parents’ Choice, and Common Sense Media.

Snoppy in space

Take off with Snoopy in this series of 12 episodes cartoons with Charlie Brown and the gang Peanuts. Snoopy fulfilled his dream and embarks on the great adventure of becoming a NASA astronaut. Next to Charlie Brown and the gang, Snoopy takes command of the International Space station and explore the moon and beyond. This is a series nominated for the awards, the DGA and ANNIE, and has won several awards, Parents ‘ Choice, and Common Sense Media.


This is a new series of preschool live-action from the creators of “Sesame Street” for the Apple TV, which has had several recognitions that make the integrity and quality of the program, including Awards Parents Choice Awards, and Prizes Common Sense Media. Join Cody and the Helpsters, a team of monsters vibrant that they love to solve problems. Whether you’re planning a party, climbing a mountain or mastering a magic trick, the Helpsters can solve any thing, because everything starts with a plan.

So now you know, Apple TV+ also wants to make more pleasant your stay at home with a sample of the content that you can find in their catalog. What are you waiting for to discover it?

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