Best athletes in the world auctioned off experiences with one-to-one to raise money


The sports world has joined the “All in Challenge”, an auction to help combat the Coronavirus, the goal is to accumulate $100 million.

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Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Magic Johnson are some sports figures who have joined the challenge, in the case of Brady is offering to invite a fan and their friends to their first game as a local next season, in addition to go out to dinner after the game or to train together, has until now an offer of $50 thousand.

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In football, the owner of The los Angeles FC Carlos Vela, it offers a place in the royal box for a match day with him for $5 mil or more.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Justin Bieber and Kevin Hart, are some celebrities who have also joined the challenge #AllinChallenge.

To participate in the auction, you can enter this link.

As of today we have raised over $7 million.