Beyonc inspires Britney Spears


BangShowbiz.- The singer Britney Spears not have thought two times before you are faced with several of his followers on the social network Instagram, who previously had criticized -some with ms subtlety than others – due to their tendency, every time ms sharp, posting many selfies from the same session and on which, therefore, wears the same dress through different poses.

Through a long and emotional message share on your personal account on the platform, the Princess of pop has defended his right to publish whatever comes in wins at the time that you were making reference to the need to strengthen their self-esteem and self-love. In that sense, the interpreter has asked his detractors to save their comments are malicious or mocking to them and limit themselves to leave her in peace.

Learn to love yourself is sometimes one of the things ms difficult life. And they know how to demonstrate this? Posting what I d win! If I want to share three pictures with the same dress… What har and taking note of Beyonc because, as it says in your song, I am Perfect. Seriously, keep your cruel remarks to yourself, he explained, clearly upset.