Cardi B-you suspect that she is being watched and fears for the safety of your family (+VIDEO)


Cardi B stated he was scared for the integrity of her and her family after having had a political conversation with Bernie Sanders.

The renowned american actress and singer and dominican roots Cardi B, caused a stir on social networks then declare that it maintains suspicions of possibly being espiada by having a position different from Donald Trump.

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The controversy began when the star held a conversation with Bernie Sanders who is an american politician and senator of the united States through a live broadcast by IG, also in this Live, Cardi B as is usual, have strongly criticized the president of the USA, Donald Trump and, in turn, reiterated his support to Bernie.

However, at the end of the controversial conversation, Cardi B began to have problems with the transmission to get the constant interference and lose the sound precisely minutes after his talk with Sanders, something that the singer seemed strange because it ensures that usually does not happen that kind of things in their live, so the rapper began to show nervous and raise suspicion that you may be being watched.

“Since I’m doing this live video what when it has gone that? since I do live videos for how long has been this happening? ever, now all of a sudden my transmission is without a sound”said the singer to the realization of the situation.

“I don’t know, I’m freaking out, is giving me a bit of fear. Because my husband does not like it when I start to talk about politics, he really hates you, what gets paranoid”said about her husband Offset.

“Because lately my Instagram is getting blurry and without sound so out of nowhere and I swear by my daughter, in the name of Christ that I’m not lying to you, in the name of the Lord and for my daughter that I’m not lying, that seems to me rarisimo, I swear.”, I mention.

“God forbid, if something happened to me or someone of my family, they’re going to learn who it was.. And because… this wed** it smells weird very strange. Which is weird that after go-live with Bernie my transmission runs out of sound”he said visibly confused and nervous.

“can you see me? what is still fuzzy?”wonder the star-and subsequently the transmission is returned to be stopped.

Writing “GossipVzla”.