Chris Hemsworth is glad of the break between Liam and Miley Cyrus

Through his most recent interview granted to the average australian, Chris Hemsworth seemed to throw a hint to your ex-sister-in-law, Miley Cyrus, because everything indicates that it is expressed on the age-old relationship between the interpreter ‘Slide Away’ and your brother, the actor of ‘Hunger Games‘, Liam Hemsworth.

It all started when the actor of ‘Avengers’ started to flatter your brother because of the great physicist who has been developing thanks to the constant training that’s been having since moving back to Australia, that is to say, since his break up with Miley; in fact, the same Liam said recently that the exercise was key to be able to overcome your former spouse as with this, kept his mind occupied.

And is that, during the interview, the eldest of the Hemsworth could not express more than happiness, upon the return of his brother to their lands; “Did you see the cover of Men’s Health? I thought, not bad, kid, not bad. He goes out to train and stays in shape now that it is back in Australia doing his thing; this is how you live the australian life finally out of Malibu!”, said Chris about the great physical workout of Liam.

It is worth mentioning that the expression of Chris on “pull-out” Liam Malibu have to do with your break up with Miley, because, when they married they decided to move to Malibu, the place in which they were living in about a yearin fact, Cyrus wrote a song about it; although, unfortunately, ended up losing the place in which he was reborn his love due to the forest fires in the area; once that Liam and Miley were separated he returned to Australia.

The family of Liam Hemsworth never accepted Miley Cyrus

With these statements Chris Hemsworth only stopped to see that he, like the rest of his family, were not in accordance with the relationship between Miley and Liam; as a number of sources close to the now ex-couple, have been revealed on multiple occasions that the family of the australian never came to fully accept Cyrus, this, due to his controversial style of life.

For now, Miley has decided to pursue a relationship with another australian, Cody Simpson, while Liam is happy with the model, Gabriella, Brooks, who already presented formally with their family, and comparison of Miley, the family members of the australian are really happy with this new relationship.

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