Chrissy Teigen gives you a few donuts to the paparazzi stationed in front of his house


The position of Chrissy Teigen about the paparazzi is one of the most understated in the world of entertainment: for her, it is a work more and, in his experience, if they are treated with kindness, they often behave the same way.

It explains that it has taken a lot of philosophy that several of them have been wagered this week in front of his mansion in Malibu, where you are going through the period of isolation, together with her husband John Legend and their two small children, with the hope to photograph them in one of his few exits to the street.

“Do you know who is suffering from a lot of the current situation? The paparazzi. Do not have anyone to take photos. Now there are a few at the door of my house. Waiting and waiting for a ride that will not come. Or for a nipple unexpected that there shall not be left to the view of all. I think… I think I’m going to show a nipple,” explained the former model, this Wednesday on Twitter.

Between the boredom that leads to the quarantine and the penalty that the fund gave to see the paparazzi waiting for hour after hour on the other side of your fence, Chrissy was raised even the possibility of mounting a small farce just to keep you entertained and give them something of content.

“Give me some idea so that you can help to keep afloat the economy. How to organize a fight fake with John? Do you begin to cry? How to drag my mother to the car as if it were an animal?”, he has suggested to his followers.

Finally the marriage is encouraged to come out to the entrance of his mansion -she with the hair up and in a tracksuit, and the singer dressed in black holding a box of donuts – and, of course, those images have not been slow to be published in various media. In them, it looks like John picks up the bottle and points to it with the finger while establishing eye contact with the paparazzi, who didn’t understand what I was trying to say.

“New information: I have not done anything more than offer them a few donuts, that have not been accepted,” wrote Chrissy on Twitter to explain what was his intention.

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