Coronavirus | “the prince of The rap”: Will and Jazzy have emotional reunion during the quarantine


The actors “The prince of the rap”, Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff, excited their fans after being reunited via live streaming to social networks in full mandatory quarantine.

The celebrities americans shared their conversation and the description of the video wrote the following: “DJ Jazzy Jeff recovering from new coronavirus. With him all is well. It scared Me a little. Come party with us.”

As they talked, the actor confessed to Will Smith how it felt already that he suspected had become infected from COVID-19: “I Had a temperature that reached 103. I had the chills. I lost the sense of smell. I lost the sense of taste.”

“Unfortunately, people think that we are at the end (of the pandemic), and I think that really we are at the beginning,” added the renowned music producer. However, he confessed that he is recovering satisfactorily at his home and asked the people to make the case to the authorities.

DJ Jazzy Jeff he also made use their social networks to publish a new version of their classic shook hands with Will Smith, just like they did in the recordings “The prince of the rap”but this time up-to-date to the times of social isolation.


“The prince of the rap” it marked the success in the career of Will Smith. The hilarious story of the young man who came from the neighborhoods of Philadelphia to the luxurious suburbs of Bel Air, has captivated the public of various countries.

Precisely, the american actor decided to remember some funny scenes of this fiction to greet a remembered member of the cast, his friend Jazz.

Through your account Instagram, Will has compiled a series of scenes in which he appears with the peculiar friend that used to visit the house of the Banks.

The pop culture of the nineties arouses great longing and, in this context, the ‘spin off’ of the “The Prince of the Rap” they would join such other series as “Girl Meets World”, a remake of “Boy Meets World” and “Fuller House”, sequel to “Full House”.