Critique of the film Josie (Netflix): Haunted by Sophie Turner


The film Josie is one of those movies reflotadas of a past cinema near you. Which now comes to us Netflix and Netflix are travelling from 2018 but what will triumph in the catalog of the most views in 2020? Sophie Turner and Dylan McDermott star in this thriller of seductions and enigmas that works better the less you know about its plot. We begin with the critique of the film Josie, one of the surprises that we find in the platforms of the film.

Hank (Dylan McDermott) is a southern loner who lives with her two turtles, in a roadside hotel in Sebring (Florida). Their daily tasks consist of go fishing and make saves in a institute. Everything will change when to the aparthotel is to move out a young so sexy as mysterious: Josie (Sophie Turner).

Scene from the movie Josie on Netflix and Netflix, with Sophie Turner
Scene from the movie Josie on Netflix and Netflix, with Sophie Turner

Critique of the film Josie

This week it landed in the sprawling catalog of Netflixand also in the more select Netflixa film that is all an unexpected discovery: Josie. A proposal that may go unnoticed due to a poster that might get categorized as “movies for teenagers”, but that is one of the best titles that hides the platform. Do you want to know why? You what we have in this critique of the film Josie, keep reading.

Josie, a title reflotado 2018

The hole‘, ‘Paradise Hills‘… there are many examples of movies that were a failure at the box office but who have managed to become a success and to consecrate themselves in the top of the most views Netflix. You now turn to one of their latest additions, Josiethat , although not account with the support of the majority of the reviews that you can find on the Internet, yes I can say that The Questions it has seemed to us a proposal that was very entertaining.

A tape that when the time comes and bets all his final turn, he wins by a landslide. When you see it, we look forward to your opinion in the comments, we’d love to know about it.

The mysterious Hank
The mysterious Hank

Eric England directs Josie

Eric England (Contracted, Roadside) directed with success and solvency of this tape of intrigue and suspense, keep getting tension narrative until its final stretch. In addition to highlighting the good finish technical of all the aspects that compose it.

The key of their work is found in the ability not to show their cards until its spectacular final turn. The viewer will enter into the game of seduction that raises to the full, without asking anything else… and oh, surprise! With both waddle of the spectacular Sophie Turner and with the appearance of disturbed Dylan McDermott, or you’ll see it coming. This is one of those movies that the less you have the better, as you know.

The best thing of the movie

The proposal will pose a dangerous and enigmatic “trio of love” formed by the newly arrival Josie (Sophie Turner), his mad and troublesome fellow Marcus (Jack Kilmer), and that lonely neighbor called Hank (Dylan McDermott). Soon we will see the beautiful Josie flirts with both of them, establishing with them a strange relationship that we can intuit that, in one sense or another, is not going to end well. In addition to the two men, we see an intended sinister to the young man who will not leave the viewer indifferent. Do you succumb to the charms of the young? What consequences will such an act?

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