Demi Lovato doesn’t consider Selena Gomez your friend



In the early days of her career, Demi Lovato rubbed shoulders with other stars of the Disney studios and he came to know thoroughly the great majority of them, but today it has lost contact with their former colleagues in the profession.

While in her teens, she starred in two movies with the Jonas Brothers and got to go on tour with the youngest of the three brothers, Nick, over the years they have diverged. Selena Gomez, another teen idol who Demi was inseparable in his time, nor a part of in the present of his life, against what might seem to be for the message full of pride that the first dedicated to him in January after watching his performance in the gala of the Grammys.

“When you grow up next to someone, always feel a special affection towards that person. But since I am not a friend of hers, so that was…” he confessed in an interview to Harper’s Bazaar magazine before biting the tongue and use a politically correct answer to get out of the mess that has gotten into she’s all alone. “Always the love, and only desire the best for others.”

Of that time, only still considered a true friend Miley Cyrus, who only has good words. “It is wonderful, and I want to die and will always do, always. But it seems to me that it is the only one I still speak”, has been unveiled.

In your circle of relatives is also pop star Ariana Grande, who has become a great support for Demi in his return to the music industry after the overdose that nearly cost him his life in 2018, and many other women whose friendship considered sacred.

“It’s a dynamic, very nice, and that divine feminine energy is the one that has helped me to get up and move forward in some of my darkest moments,” he said.