Demi Lovato is not talked about or Jonas Brothers or Selena Gomez


Demi Lovato has decided to let off some steam at Harper’s Bazaar magazine through an interview in which he talked openly about the hard chapter of his life that he faced. The bulimia and the overdose that he suffered have been two of the main themes that have marked his interview with the magazine in addition to her return to the music and of the relationship with that day were his co-workers at Disney.

Without a doubt, Demi Lovato has returned stronger than ever after his forced retreat from the spotlight. The singer has recently closed one of the most bitter of his life, and now with a renewed attitude are more willing than ever to be happy.

The year 2018 was not exactly a good year for her. The media echoed that the singer had suffered an overdose forced him to be placed in a hospital for later interned in a centre for enablement where he could finish healing.

“It was a little challenging because everything I tried to the view of the public, that was the way that some people learned. I had family members who received alerts on their phones. We couldn’t even call them before that to see what happened” he confessed in the interview.

In addition, the singer has made it clear that a way to freely express themselves is through music. “I’ve been on the sidelines for two years. I’ve kept the mouth closed while the tabloids have gone crazy. And my album is finally where I can make things clear” has said the artist.

With regard to the relationship with his former co-Disney has confessed that he does not keep any kind of relationship, although it can boast of having a excellent friendship with Ariana Grande, with which it shares manager. Demi Lovato appreciates having friends like that of the singer as she says will help to enrich themselves personally. “I always look forward to friendship with women. I think it is very sacred” has said about Ariana Grande.