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Mario Osvaldo Garcia Montes, after DJ Bonhausgrew up listening to Cartel de Santa & DJ Tiesto till you drop in the neighborhood of Mixcoac. Although he did not know English, little by little it was going in the world of hip hop international, in addition, with the pace of the electronicone , he was hooked to started to look into how to make this genre in Mexico that was just produced.

Garcia Montes noted that what came to the country, in a matter of electronics in the 90’s, it was only the tip of the iceberg; rhythms such as techno, house, trance and dance, dominated the dance floors, but he wanted to go beyond, which started in these areas with the defense of a turntable to start with the classic scratchbut giving a twist to all with the passage of time.

After 10 years, especially in the field of productionOsvaldo Garcia became a DJ Bonhaus, an artist who dominates the electron, but with Latin rhythms and experimenting with reggaeton and trap. Now lies in Monterrey, Nuevo León, as she received the shelter of Antonio Hernandez, better known now as Toy Selectah, who founded Control Machete in the Sultana of the North, in 1996, and later became a prolific music producer.

“For me, it was that need of being able to say ‘yes there is a way to make electronic music that is not necessarily reggaeton as we know and as has already heard’, which to a certain extent a lot of people say that it is very misogynist for the message it has,” shares Bonhaus, in an interview with Reporte Indigo.

The DJ mexican will release an EP this month, which will take you back to your route to fully electronic, in addition to that is also producing songs covering different proposals latinas.

“There I bring a few things bachata a bit modernized, of cumbia also more modern, I have done a couple of tests more tropical, a merengue and vallenato, but that’s not me finished love, yes you I’m honest, is a genre very nice, but very complicated. Also bring a little personal interest to do something a bit nordic, including celtic and folk,” shares the DJ.

The ‘sexy sells’, Dj Bonhaus

Mexico is living an historic moment in the search to stop the misogyny, eradicate gender-based violence and to give greater openness to the movements feminists; however, rhythms like reggaeton, that are known to reify the woman, are on the rise in the country; so, how risky it is to continue to produce this music in the present?

“I think that the message you want to give (as a musician) is in it, it is a fact and a reality that curiosity sells, it is a fact that when Pitbull started talking with bad words, sold more music, I don’t know if you remember, but the song that most stood out from him, and with all the world knew was ‘That jevita is in one piece, has a huge…’”, explains Garcia the topic of “Ass”, of 2004.

The DJ believes that the genre Latin that spread is currently, you should reach a point in which make letters that generate awareness and allow the surface to evolve towards a music more human sense. For the musician that happens in the rap United Statesthat before also differed by just doing less to women and talk about the female body so pejorative in the 90’s.

“There’s a rapper that I like very much Travis Scotthe has music with a very heavy message and is addressed to young adolescents with problems of identity, of u.s. society, that see day-to-day with the shootings, he has a message pretty hard and deep, saying, ‘understand that you are not alone, when you feel things speak’, the music also has to function as a support”, delves into the musical producer.

SIDE More music, less violence

A purpose for DJ Bonhaus is closer to the youth communitiesto bring a positive message, to curb the aggression that may exist, both in their schools, social environments and to family members.

“Are all the youth who wants party, who wants to get out of the problems that you have, yes your dad is bothering with the task, or if the teachers caught her against them, then they deserve a fun, then we’re doing a tour with a company that wants to create this awareness of More music, less violence, and we’re going to cover the vast majority of all public high schools in the City of Mexico and hopefully we will be able to bring this concert tour to Mexico”.

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