Doctor allegedly rejected by IMSS sells snacks by COVID-19


A medical surgeon graduated from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM), identified as Alfredo Ortiz-Camacho, who was supposedly rejected the call the Union of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) to replace the staff during a public health emergency by coronavirus or COVID-19, rode a since snacks.

As reported by the daily 24 HoursOrtiz Camacho has a private practice and a pharmacy, where charged 40 pesos for the consultation, but the contingency has caused will be left without patients: “the truth is that right now, not only I, all businesses are not people and we are not the exception.”

In that regard, he called on all doctors and health care staff to come together to face the COVID-19, which has infected 5 thousand 399 people and a total of 406 deaths.

“The main thing is to unite among colleagues in order to assist the population or the least or most needy. That is the fundamental and the second and no less important, especially for the economy right now we are suffering from, it is all that we studied this, this career, that our main calling is to belong to an institute,” said the doctor.

The IMSS opened a call for proposals for the recruitment of physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians and radiologists, to go to the Section 33 of the IMSS to gather personal front the impact of the coronavirus in our country.