Does the style of the Arrowverse? Reveal the first photos of the crossover of ‘Riverdale’


Since his arrival, the series ‘Riverdale’ became one of the most popular programs for teens, so that soon a spin-off fell out of this production, and now, to the delight of his fans, some of his characters will be a crossover of ‘Katy Keene’ with ‘Riverdale’, this foresaw the great musical that is preparing the production.

In the next episode of ‘Katy Keene’, Kevin, a recurring character of ‘Riverdale’, will travel to New York to visit her stepsister Josie McCoy, who now resides in the big apple to be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a great singer.

But Kevin not only will live alongside your Josie, but new photos of the chapter, we show that the character is going to relate to Katy, George and Pepper, so that we can see a great integration of the cast, which assures us that in the future we will be able to continue to see these small crossovers between the two series.

In an interview with the site, ComicBook.comthe actor, Casey Cott, revealed that her character could have more appearances in ‘Katy Keene’, this is thanks to the fact that both series develop in the same universe, with the difference that ‘Katy’ takes place five years after the events of ‘Riverdale’, so we’ll see how he manages the production with these jumps in time.

Fortunately, our programs are in the same universe, so that we can make the characters go from one side to the other. I’m definitely in Riverdale and there is where I want to be, but I love jumping to the other series, definitely I will jump in there at any chance I get, I think that this group of actors is amazing, I had a lot of fun while I was there, and when the phone rings to go to record an episode, with a lot I’m happy to go to New York to film it. It is amazing” said the actor.

It is as well as soon we will be able to see the crossover of the ‘Katy Keene’ with ‘Riverdale’, so soon you can enjoy the pictures that revealed the production, which would mark the beginning of a great relationship between the two productions, since it is clear that The CW wants to keep alive the connection between the two series.