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Dove Mommy it takes months to go by the title of feeling of urban music. Have you seen your topics positioned in the main lists of streaming, have you seen their video clips on Youtube and it sure sounds like her name, but who is this young artist?

His real name is Paloma Dew Castle and is a singer and composer chilean-american. The daughter of chilean parents, Paloma was born in Manhattan, where he grew up and was interested from very small for different artistic disciplines such as the electric piano, drawing and painting. In the united States he lived until the age of 16, at which time he moved to Santiago de Chile with a clear goal: to start her own musical career.

In 2018 managed to enter the talent show Red, the color of the talentNational Television of Chile, however, soon realized that it wasn’t for her. Just two weeks later, he left the contest because it did not fit in the environment of the program.

His artistic name consists of your real name, a Dove, and the name “mommy”, inspired the latter in the account of Instagram of Drake: Champagnepapi. Drake, by the way, is one of its great benchmarks.

Already in the country of his family, to Dove, it was impossible to get rid of the backpack cultural that carried with the experiences and trends of his time in New York, and this is something that the artist has managed to seamlessly integrate in his music, court marking urban. The style hoodie new yorker, its Latin origin, the fusion of cultures in their city… directed towards a music hybrid that mixed reggaeton, trap, r&b, soul, dance hall, tropical…

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As a result of this mix of styles, and with only 18 years, Dove Mommy signed topics such as Don’t fall in loveits first single or Not Steady. The launch of its first two singles, produced independently already caught the attention of artists such as Maluma, J Balvin and Farruko. One of the great moments of his career came to open the lead singer of reggaeton Archangel, that gave him a great exposure inside and outside of the music industry. Shortly after that show he signed with Sony Latin Music, which opened still more doors. Was contacted to participate in the documentary of Netflix Nicky Jam: The winnerbut he rejected the offer to continue to focus on his musical career.

After we have seen her collaborate with C. Tangana in Not you should kiss, a song that blends the best of both artists, and included the production of a regular on the madrid: Alizzz.

The talent for the composition of a Dove Mommy is evident, but it has also managed to surround yourself with those who have managed to boost their idea of what you want for your music. And in this sense, has worked with the producer of puerto rican Dj Luian, creator of successes of Bad Bunny, Becky G or Natti Natahsa and main songwriter of the factory Mambo Kingz.

The artist was leaving an intense year 2019 with a new topic that claims a little more if it fits your artistic name: Mommy, and that assumes the cover letter perfect for those who still do not know about it. A song powerful and hypnotic, in which he mixes his two languages, English and Spanish. I am on my way to your house, take the stress / Like you want me to say it in Spanish or English / I throw him, he comes where you are / If you’re hungry, pa it is a lot, saved pa after, sings the artist in this song, as in others of his authorship, makes it very clear who’s in charge: I decide what’s going to happen / tonight you’re not going to win / Tranqui daddy that I’m going to pay / mommies don’t have to chapiar na na.

With 20 years having just turned, a first disc on the way and a promising career that has already begun, Paloma Mommy can boast of the charisma and determination to be the feeling of the urban music this 2020. If you’ve been left wanting more, Dove Mami will be performing in Barcelona on the 5th of June at the Primavera Sound Festival.