Drake boasts of the huge mansion in which he lives | Today


The confinement we are suffering all the same, but, it is clear that it is not the same to spend it at one site than another and here is where the luxurious homes of the celebs win the game by a landslide. We have seen the huge garden Jennifer Lopez, how to Justin Bieber we put the long teeth with every corner of your house or the huge porch with infinity pool Ellen DeGeneres.

Many of these evidence of the purchasing power of the famous have become angry on more than one occasion to the fans, but, if there’s any house that has been left without speaking above any other, that has been the incredible mansion Drake.

The rapper has left her completely impacted more than one with its detailed home tour around your stunning residence of Toronto (Canada) account, nothing more and nothing less than, with 15,000 square metres of surface. Of course, not only the size is what matters, but also what can be found both within the mansion and in the form in which it is built, with total attention to materials like marble.

In an interview for the magazine Architectural Digestthe rapper has opened the door to his residence explaining all the details about it and what led him to actually make a building so ostentatious as valuable: “As I was building in my hometown, I wanted the structure to remain firm for 100 years. I wanted to have a scale and feeling monumental. (…) It will be one of the things he left behind, so that had to be timeless and strong.“In summary, Drake want to go to the story and, to do this, what’s better than constriurse their own monument?

He himself refers to his home as “a luxury overwhelming” and is not for less. Only his bedroom has more than 900 square meters and with a stunning bathroom, as well as, with exclusive creations on the inside and a chandelier that adds up to 20,000 crystals Swarovski.

Of course, in the home of an artist of the stature of Drake nor could miss a huge grand piano and his own recording studio.

A house that has allowed him to record without any problem of space video clip Toosie Slide in full confinement without leaving home and with their own fireworks from the rooftop. In fact, in the video of this viral song is appreciated with all luxury of details in all the corners of the housing. So, Drake it adds to the wave of artists that have had to reinvent themselves and to record their videos without leaving, although in its case not been due to be a big problem.