Drake boasts the extravagant and gigantic mansion in which you live | Music

The rapper is the owner of a dream house with basketball court, swimming pool, terraces and a room bigger than your apartment

One of the rappers richest in the world is


, who lives the luxury to the extreme in his mansion located in his home country, Canada. The house has more than 4 thousand 500 square meters, and amenities to please even the most demanding.

The mansion, known as “The Embassy”, is located in Toronto and has a basketball court professional, a room covered by a ceiling that recreates the sky, an indoor swimming pool, a recording studio, a terrace, a tub of black marble and more.

“As I was building in my hometown, I wanted the structure to remain firm for 100 years. I wanted to have a scale and feeling monumental. It will be one of the things that leave you behind, so that had to be timeless and tough,” said the interpreter of “God’s Plan” in a publication of Instagram, where he shared the photographs taken by the magazine Architectural Digest.

“The bed allows you to float, the shower allows you to escape and collect your thoughts, and the wardrobe makes you want to talk to you while you dress,” he said Drake about the luxurious place in which to live.

The house has a suite, such as master bedroom, of 297 square meters with 100 meters of additional covered terraces. It also has a room that preserves all the awards Drake, as the three Grammy awards that it has, along its more than 20 Billboard Music Awards.

“I wanted to make sure that people can see the work I have done over the years reflected from each point of view. I also think that the house says, ‘you always I will remain strong,'” explained the rapper.

With numerous bathrooms and bedrooms, a huge kitchen, extravagant rooms, entertainment rooms and more, Drake it shows that for him, money is no problem; so soon, while you enjoy your mansion, your fans are waiting intently to launch a new album.

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