Environmentalism attacks: Greta calls a ‘manifestation’, and Teresa Ribera wants us to move by bike


When the hardest phase of the landfill by the crisis of the coronavirus finished, the world will return to a new normal, that will not be the one that was in 2019. In the hospitality industry is to increase the controls, and social distancing, and in the transport of the bet by the bicycle is gaining more and more strength. In fact, France is studying new measures to make the use of the bicycle as a means of urban transport is triggered.

As reported by Le Parisienthe minister of Ecological Transition of the country, Elisabeth Borne, have been asked to create new formulae to convert the bike on the main means of transportation. “Everyone agrees that after the epidemic there will be a collective rejection to the public transport network. If you do not want to take the subway, the bus or the car to go to work for fear of contagion, will need to be able to move”, declares Pierre Serne, vice-president of transport in the metropolitan area of Paris the French half.

However, not only France wants to make the bike your transportation of choice, also Spain. The vice-president fourth and minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, has been reported in your profile official Twitter to be asked to “their teams” to study as French. “It’s a great idea and a great opportunity in the framework of a different mobility,” said Ribera.

During the pandemic, in Wuhan the use of the bike share shot up 150% and in Milan and New York the mayors have asked to use this means of transport to go to work and so not make use of public transport. To ensure that there were transmissions between users in these three cities increased the services of disinfection. However, in Madrid, Barcelona or Zaragoza don’t allow the use of the bikes shared, but for the personal to move to the work center.

Greta calls to the people on the balconies

While France and Spain look to the bicycle as an ecological alternative and social distancing in order to get around in the cities, activist Greta Thunberg has decided to convene a manifestation for the next 24 April. The movement led by the young Swedish Fridays for the Future, has asked all citizens to come out to their balconies to 22:00 on the Friday of the next week. The reason of protest is to ask the output of this health crisis is “fair and sustainable”. To this appeal have been joined by numerous organizations, including Ecologists in Action.