Fetch the bolt cutters: the triumphant return of Fiona Apple


Just reach platforms Fetch the bolt cutters (2020), the fifth studio album by Fiona Apple, who has been in charge of the production, and not threw a work of unpublished material from The Idler Wheel… (2012).

There have been many years of searching for its preparation, as has been documented in 2015 the start of their preparation sessions, developed between the studies Sonic Ranch (Tornillo, Texas) and all about the house that Apple itself has in Venice Beach, in Los Angeles.

Accompanied as always your piano playing and voice, for the recording of the album has counted with the participation of bassist Sebastian Steinberg, guitarist David Garza and percussionist Amy Aileen Wood.

Precisely, this work has provided the final sound one of its components more experimental, because a large part comes from the peal of a variety of instruments against all types of surfaces and household objects.

The work has, in addition, with collaborations from guests such as Cara Delevingne and John Would.

The rawness obtained in a few moments, and the tempo changes within the songs help to push the overall message of this Fetch The Bolt Cutters, which according to the author means “don’t be afraid to talk.”

The title, in fact, was taken from the script of the tv series The Fallstarring Gillian Anderson, whose character utters this phrase when you are preparing to investigate the murder of a woman tortured.

Fiona Apple gave an interview last march with The New Yorker in which deepened in the reasons that led her to leave the consumption of cocaine and that he called “painful and chaotic” their three-year relationship with the film director Paul Thomas Anderson.

Of Fetch The Bolt Cutters has said the criticism is “a symphony of wild daily life, a masterpiece unbreakable”.

“This is an album that conveys the anger, the vulnerability, the confusion and the wisdom of a woman in ways that we had not heard before,” writes The Telegraph.

Raised in a family of artists, Apple (New York, 1977) showed already at the age of 8 gifts as a songwriter early and his debut album, which also was made to wait a long time, occurred with Tidal in 1996.

Along these almost 25 years of career, he has managed to sell more than 10 million copies of their albums worldwide and has been awarded with a Grammy award, in addition to receiving seven other nominations.