FIGURES – Love versus money: A great wedding does not have price among the celebrities, but a divorce itself


There are many celebrities who not only have to say good bye to their marriages, but also to several of its millions. For example, one of the divorces most expensive in the world is the multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, one of the companies most valuable, with who was his wife for more than 25 years, MacKenzie Tuttle.

The fortune of the businessman is estimated at 136 billion dollars. In this heritage we also are including the actions of Amazon.

With the marriage break-up between Bezos and Mackenzie, this is left with a 4% of the company, valued at 35,000 million dollars.

Like Bezos, several celebrities of the film and the music have had to make the payment of millions of amounts of money to their ex-partners to end their marriages, some more outrageous than others.

The most recent is that of the singer london Adele, who ended up a divorce agreement this month’s entrepreneur Simon Konecki, the father of your child.

The fortune to negotiate is about $ 185 million, although the details are kept secret between Adele and her former spouse.

There are many conclusions I have come to fans of Adele by the sudden separation with your former spouse with whom he maintained a relationship for eight years.

A couple that has always remained in the focus of the media is formed by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

The actors shocked their fans in September of 2016 to announce his separation which was overshadowed by the rumors and theories about the reasons that led to term.

The media divorce of these celebrities, who were married for 11 years and had six children in common, around 480 million dollars. And has not been completed.

Another case is that of Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison. They were married in 1983, after meeting him during a shoot. For 2001 both announced their divorce after 18 years of marriage.

The protagonist of the saga of movies of Indiana Jones paid around $ 85 million, since the couple never signed a prenuptial agreement.

Melissa was awarded a number of properties and investments in other businesses, and substantial amount of money.

They were married in a secret wedding in 1990 and were one of the couples most solid of Hollywood. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in 2001 shocked the world of art and show to announce the end of his relationship of 11 years with divorce, where the actor had to pay around $ 85 million.

One of the reasons that we comment on this divorce is the incursion of Cruise in Scientology.

Other celebrities who paid dearly for the purpose of his love was the actor Mel Gibson, who had to pay to Robyn Moore, with whom he was married for 31 years, the sum of 380 million euros, almost half of his fortune.

Also the of the famous singer Madonna and filmmaker Guy Ritchie, who divorced in 2008. In this case it was claimed that the diva american would have to divest himself of any dollar of around 360 million, which at that time held.

In the end it was learned that the queen of pop will be paid to your former spouse about 76 and $ 92 million, which included a property in Ascombe and his pub in London.

Another couple famous: Paul McCartney and Heather Mills were formally divorced in 2006, after two years of relationship. With a fortune at that time of about 1,200 million euros, paid to his ex-wife 31.6 million.

In Hollywood are the majority of divorces millionaires. For example, Amy Irving and Steven Spielberg were separated in 1989 after four years together. Their separation was due to infidelity on the part of him with an actress. The filmmaker paid Irving $ 100 million after he finished their relationship.

Other divorces expensive were the actor, Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva: $ 80 million; filmmaker James Cameron and Linda Hamilton:$50 million; the actor Michael Douglas and Diandra Luker:$45 million; the singer Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall: US$15-25 million.