From acting in the new film from Scorsese to sing with Justin Bieber: this is the challenge of solidarity of Leonardo DiCaprio in which you can participate

The challenge launched by Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro invites other celebrities to auction off experiences for which the winners can spend christmas with them.

In this way, the launchers of the ‘All In Challenge’ auctioned off a role as an extra in the new film from Martin Scorsese, ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’, in addition to being able to go to your premiere with the cast.

In the challenge a charity all-star challenge between them. Already we are auctioning experiences with Drake to go to your airplane, singing with Justin Bieber or play golf with Justin Timberlake.

Not only this, but celebrities can also donate funds. This is the case of Ellen DeGeneres, who has donated a million dollars to the cause, and the winner of the challenge will present next to it, the program ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’.

The funds will be allocated to actions related to lto fight against the coronavirus. Among them, “going to food banks to help families with needs,” says Maria Estevez in [email protected]

To participate you only lack donate between 10 and 100 dollars, and each of the 300 participants, there will be a winner.

Another time related

The journalist María Estévez also explained to us the sense of fear that living in the united states by the coronavirus. A fear that the sale of guns has skyrocketed.

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