How thinking of doing the ‘challenge’ of JLo? Don’t miss these tutorials to raze | Today


The challenges viral of all kinds are flooding the social networks these days as a remedy against boredom. However, beyond testing the dexterity of your pets trying not to knock over objects, to mount a special concert to the rhythm of Someone Like You or give hints which ball to a roll of toilet paper, there is a challenge that can boast of having become ubiquitous at international level: the #JLoTikTokChallenge.

Sure by now that you’ve already seen more than once how many have been able to make their own version of the dance of fashion, including some celebs national. A challenge, not a little ambitious, since, to imitate the applauded action of Jennifer Lopez in the Super Bowl there is apparently something affordable for everyone. Or maybe yes?

Despite this and although the dance may not find among your top talent, with a little practice and a good explanation, you too will be able to boast of choreography on social networks and succeed with the challenge viral of the moment. Or, at least, you spend a good time! For this reason, diving in the network, we have found several tutorials that you should take into account if you want to feel like JLo in your TikTok or Instagram. The first of them and one of the most celebrated comes from the hand of Parris Goebelwho explains step-by-step and very detailed in almost half an hour this choreography, in its version for social networks barely 30 seconds.

If you prefer Spanish, we also found this video explaining something more short Nows.

A challenge thanks to which many are moving your body a little more during this quarantine, in addition to have fun with the rhythm of a mix of songs that includes hits such as My People of J Balvin, The Ring or Love Don t Cost A Thing and with that, it is almost impossible not to dance. If this outside little, the own Jennifer Lopez share the ones you like on your own profile, it’s almost nothing!

Since then, there is no doubt that TikTok is succeeding as a form of entertainment during the confinement, giving free rein to the creativity of its users. A trend that faces most popular of the music scene have also been added, even some have tried to feel as JLo and we must admit that they do nothing wrong, as Edurne or Tini, who have not hesitated in getting down to work.

And you, do you dare to try?