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The banter between the actors Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have become one of the most fun battles of Hollywood and now the interpreter of the character of Wolverine has revealed that he started thanks to another famous actress: Scarlett Johansson. The two actors have spent years joking between them, troleándose and sharing his humorous fight on the social networks and in many interviews. Jackman, 51, was questioned by this joker enmity in an interview with The Daily Beast and he also joked about it: “long Ago… God, this is the classic sign that the enmity has dragged on too much, when you don’t even know why or how it started!”, said.

After he explained how he began to make fun of your partner, which is currently 43 years old, with the reason that was years ago, his first and recent marriage to actress Scarlett Johansson (they were married in 2008 and divorced in 2011. A year after Reynolds got married with the also actress Blake Lively). “I met him in Wolverineand I used to scan it because I was a close friend of Scarlett and she was first married to Ryan,” explains Hugh Jackman, “so when it came to the set I thought: ‘it Is better that you perform well here, friend, because I’m watching you’. We started to talk to us that way and the thing was intensifying with Deadpoolhe calling me and trying to manipularme through the social networks to do what he wanted.”

Currently the two actors are great friends and continue to maintain its already famous banter between them, many of them in public. The last at the end of last week when Hugh Jackman thanked his wife, Deborra-Leewith a cute message on Instagram for their 24 years of marriage, and among the almost 1.2 million reactions to the publication was able to see the comment of Ryan Reynolds in the tone, always the joker that exists between them: “Hold, Deb”.

In the interview with The Daily Beast Jackman returned to show his sense of humor regarding this trolling each other and stated that it is planning its response to Reynolds but that “try not to let revenge consume”. “I try to limit my time planning for the next five hours a day”, he quipped, “because if there are more than five hours of obsession on getting revenge on Ryan, I discovered that it becomes unhealthy. Five hours a day is good, keeps me sharp and ready.”

Last December, for example, Reynolds gave him another blow to his friend when he appeared on australian tv, home country of Jackman, and during an interview he said joking about his friend: “it Is only a evil person. I want to tell you that all of you have been deceived. They believe that it is an ambassador of your country and the people do not realize that is Winnipeg, Canada”. And he added: “sometimes the truth duel and makes you fill in the eyes of tears, but Hugh Jackman is a fraud”.

His comment came after Jackman tried to boycott humorously in the upcoming movie Reynolds, Free Guy, when you do a montage with one of the posters of the film in which we replaced the main character by a photograph of himself: “A small edition to make this promotional tool is something much better,” wrote Jackman.

It is also famous joke christmas that we spent to Reynolds his companions Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhal in 2018 for the return of so many others that he idea. The actor received a part of their own medicine and made it public on their social networks with a photo that appeared to the three actors, with Reynolds in the center with an eye-catching jersey christmas that made him look like the wrapper of a gift. The comment was not wasted: “These damn idiots were told it was a party of jerseys christmas. ?”.

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