I do not like to compare with Serena Williams or Venus


Coconut Gauff you can only have 16 years, but it has been a growing force in the circuit of the WTA tour during the past two years. Subsequently, its rapid rise has already obliged to tennis fans and experts to compare it with the Williams sisters.

However, Coco does not like to compare with Serena Williams and Venus Williams . To see why? Gauff has some similarities with the icons of tennis Serena and Venus. She has already been touted as a successor to the long-term of Serena Williams.

Coco definitely has all the qualities to become one of the best players in the game. However, the comparisons are not fair, neither for the Williams sisters nor to Gauff. Like many players of his generation, Gauff also idolizes Serena Williams and Venus Williams.

Your goal is to overcome all the obstacles in front of it and break down the greater quantity of records. However, you still feel you don’t deserve to be put in the same group with Serena and Venus. “I’m not to your level” – Coco Gauff “For me, one of the most important things is to continue breaking down barriers,” said Gauff in the podcast Behind The Racquet.

“At the same time, I do not like to compare with Serena or Venus. First, I’m still not to his level. I always feel that is not fair to the Williams sisters to be compared to someone who has just come. “Just not feeling well still, I still see them as my idols.

With all his accolades, still should not be in the same group. Of course, I hope to get to where they are, but they are the two women who marked the way for me, that’s why I can never be them, ” he added.

Coco also explained that we would not even have the opportunity to be at this level without them. In addition, she would never have thought of joining the tennis, not them, since there were very few african americans in the sport.

“For all that they did, should not yet be compared with them” , he concluded. The american teenager has enjoyed a career sensational in the circuit of the WTA tour since he qualified for the main draw of the Wimbledon Championships last year.

Subsequently, reached the fourth round in her first appearance in a Grand Slam. Gauff also reached the fourth round at the Australian Open in 2020. As a result, also entered the top 50 in the WTA rankings.

It certainly has the calibre to win a major title at this early age. It will be interesting to see when you can claim his first Grand Slam title.