I solidarity! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make a millionaire contribution By the coronavirus!


Despite the fact that the 31st march is officially the resignation of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of the British Monarchy, both of them have made efforts to eliminate the negative image that caused so much controversy.

Currently, both Meghan as Harry they are part of the community and reside in Los Angeles, where they have given indications of a new life, away from the luxuries and the orders of His Highness.

Recently the Dukes of Sussex announced that give you a millionaire’s donation to the association “Feding Britain”, with the purpose of helping those who have suffered by the coronavirus.

The contribution will be 112 thousand dollars, and these gains are the “excess” that is obtained from the transmission of the wedding of the former members of real, which had been used to feed children.

The the son of Lady Di and his wife want to make a difference, after the media complained that they have been kept in the anonymity, and not sensibilizaban by the pandemic.

When they were notified of the existence of this money, did not hesitate to use it for a purpose generous. Remember that the husband of the actress has always been interested in charities, like his mother.

Both the brother of Prince William as Meghan are complying with the quarantine in your u.s. residency and are waiting for the crisis to pass to be established in that country.