Image of Luis Miguel and Selena Quintanilla together hits Instagram


There is No doubt that at least in photography, this couple of artists were very well together

No one knows when Luis Miguel and Selena Quintanilla coincided exactly, but according to he said the portal of Instagram of the magazine Hello! the image jumped to the public light in the year 2018, when doña Nena of the Ditch, the mother of actress Ana de la Reguera, the unveiled.

The photograph has been published by such means as a TBT to Instagram. And it could also be to commemorate that in a few days Luis Miguel will meet 50 years of age, since his birthday will be held next April 19.

About his “closeness” with Selena Quintanilla not much is known. It is believed that the photograph in itself marks the day in which possibly they knew each other. Level loving all of your fans know that the singer has conquered the hearts of many beautiful women within the entertainment industry.

Myrka Dellanos, Aracely Arámbula, Daysi Fuentes, Kenita Larrain and Mariah Carey, are some of the famous that Luis Miguel has shared her life in different eras. Out of all of them, it should be noted, that with he lived with a family relationship to the more complete is Aracely Arámbula, who is the mother of his children Daniel and Miguel.

The singer, also known as “The Sun of Mexico”, is one of the most emblematic artists of the Spanish music, and not just for his vibrato, and the scope of her voice, but also by his personal life, to the day of today, all your fans want to know for certain how she died, the mom-of-this -Marcela Baster-it, and under what circumstances.

His life, therefore, has even been the inspiration for a series of biographical, of the that everybody spoke in his first season, because there was exposed a good part of their relationship with Luisito Rey and Marcela Basteri, their parents.

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