In bikini before the surgery! So was Jennifer Lopez. Look at the photo!


Jennifer Lopez was, is and will be an artist spectacular. Your ability to interpret a large number of papers, in addition to having talent in music at the time of dabbling in different genres, to make it unique. Much of the praise it has received in this stage of your life is due to the unique way in which the years pass by your physique.

And is that for JLo, 50 is the new 30, something that is enshrined in each of their publications. However, so much time has passed, that few remember how it was the Diva of the Bronx before the surgery.

In a picture of JLo in a bikini, taken out of the trunk of memories, we may note the marked differences in their physical. Her face clearly shows a good amount of years younger, her time, her nose had not passed through the operating room. In terms of the body, it is definitely the area where you might notice less of a change, because she had and still has the ability to infartar to watch.

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Young Jen

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The wedding plans for Jennifer Lopez don’t stop

It is confirmed that the wedding between Jenny and Alex Rodriguez not be made this year, due to the pandemic. However, the plans for the big day do not stop.

Us Weekly recently revealed that the celebration will be between family members and people close to you, without the luxuries which it was thought some months ago. On the other hand, it is able to know the place of the wedding that would have been agreed between the lovers.

Jennifer Lopez when life gets back to normal wants to get married in Italy. So would a cycle of the relationship full of splendors, as the commitment was nothing less than the Bahamas. Taking advantage of the elixir of youth that account, it would begin again a life of marriage, after Ojani Noa, Cris Judd, and Marc Anthony. What the fourth will be the charm for JLo?